A 30 years old patient with teeth crowding in the upper frontal region, displeased with her appearance, with potential long term periodontal complications. Fixed prosthetics were performed, with excellent functional and aesthetic results.

A 26 years old patient, with dental crowding, missing teeth and discolored lateral teeth was submitted to prosthetic treatment and occlusion optimization, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. Although the patient had only aesthetic reasons to seek our treatment, we included functional principles into the treatment, achieving excellent results.

A 20 years old patient with congenitally missing upper canines (anodontia). Rehabilitation with fixed full ceramic prosthetics.

A 43 years old patient with numerous missing teeth doe to extraction after complications of dental caries, treated with complete prosthetic dentures, with special ball-shaped retention systems.

A 21 years old patient with 5 missing upper anterior teeth due to trauma in a car accident. Prosthetic rehabilitation

A 20 years old patient who suffered a coronal fracture of the upper central incisor, caused by trauma and consulted our dentist after 72 hours. Treatment was endodontic and coronal reconstruction with a totally ceramic crown, reesablishing both function and aesthetic morphology.

A 26 years old patient, with aesthetic issues, due to dental dysplasia, dyschromia and multiple carious lesions, asking for restorative reconformation of her smile. Upper right canine was also missing with consecutive migration of antagonist teeth. After case analysis, the patient opted for prosthetic reconstruction with metal-ceramic crowns. Preoperative and postoperative aspect show great improvement both functional an aesthetic.

A 45 years old patient with complex oral rehabilitation. Views before and after the treatment.

A 23 years old patient, who asked for a smile restoration. Due to the limited time the patient had for treatment and due to the lack of some lateral teeth, prosthetic treatment was chosen instead of orthodontics. Besides the aesthetic problems solved, we also restored the functional occlusion for the patient. Views before and after treatment.

A 57 years old patient at the first presentation in a dental office after 25 years of absence. Multiple crown destruction and also multiple missing teeth, Complex oral rehabilitation, functional and aesthetic, surgical and prosthetic. A real challenge from a professional point of view. Images before and after treatment.

A 65 years old patient that presented herself at the dental office for a complex oral rehabilitation due to gastric symptoms, consecutive to the lack of mastication units (functional teeth). After surgical sanitation of the sources of infection in the oral cavity, prosthetic rehabilitation was performed with partial acrylic dentures.

A 27 years old patient with aesthetic demands, accusing dental and facial asymmetry. Clinical examination and imaging revealed also periapical pathology in several teeth. After surgical ablation of dental foci and surgical recovering of the teeth mentioned before, prosthetic reconstruction was performed. To the patient’s and our satisfaction, many of the aesthetic problems were greatly improved, including those signaled by the patient. Surgical evolution was uneventful so far, without signs of medium term complications.

A 24 years old patient, who wanted an aesthetic treatment for her upper frontal teeth. Ceramic crowns on zircon were used in reshaping her smile, for excellent aesthetics and more reliable long term results.





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